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Dear Friends,

Re:  Current Projects

I can not express to you enough how much we are in dire need of your help.  We are working on a project that will not only give a place to keep abused, neglected, homeless and older animals – but a place that will give them the actual feel of genuine (agape) love and warmth of a home.

One of my biggest “pet peeves”, when it comes to animals being rescued, is keeping them in cages and kennels.  I can understand the need for short periods of time (especially, if they are frightened or need special medical care), but I have seen “rescue” people, who claim they love these animals, keep them in cages, pet airline carriers and kennels for weeks, months, and even years!  Sometimes, they are sitting in their own feces and urine.  I will never understand this kind of “love.”  I hope no one ever loves me like that.

We have several smaller facilities that houses over 400 animals, but now we need to expand.  Last year, we rescued some horses that were used for racing --- and were on their way to slaughter.

We have two new animal friends.  They are emus, which are similar to an ostrich, and we are currently working on rescuing our third one at this very moment.  We recently took in some farm animals from an amusement park’s “petting zoo” when they closed down.

But to continue rescuing more horses, emus, dogs, cats, barnyard animals, etc., we need more room, and we need everyone’s help.  We are working on purchasing a piece of property (30 acres) but are in need of funds to set up housing and fencing on the ranch. 

We want all of our animals to be in a “home” environment.  Some will be adopted   (to qualified people), and many will stay with us.  But no matter how short or long their stay, we want it to be with the same comforts of a good home.

All of the dogs and cats will be living in a home environment with plenty of enclosed yard space to play, run, climb trees, fetch, exercise, and sun bathe.  Not only would all our fury friends be deserving of this environment, but it would help them psychologically as well.  For those who are able to adopt a new family, the care they have with us would prepare them for a new family life --- especially those that lived their lives on the street, and never knew what a home was.  On a much smaller scale, this concept is already working for us and we want to expand it to help more companion animals.

In order to save more horses and other large animals, we need more land.  Our barnyard animals will have open space and pasture to graze and run (the way the Lord intended).  During hot or cold and stormy weather, they will have proper shelter.  We are hoping to begin building this summer, but we need funding and everyone’s help! Our goal is raise $10,000,000 for the facilities, operating expenses, food for the animals, veterinarian care, education center, etc.

If you work for a corporation that donates to non-profit organizations, or gives grants, please request funding for A.A.P.A.’s 30-acre sanctuary and education center, or contact us to summit a proposal for funds.  Pictures and updates will be announced on the website. 

The purpose of the education center will be to teach and answer many questions the community has about animal issues, and what they can do in their daily living to help stop animal suffering.  An adoption center will be on the property for people to view animals and once they are pre-qualified they can  adopt a suitable pet.  Monthly tours will be held for supporters and friends of the animals so they can see how they made a difference in preventing animal suffering.

We have volunteers that will live on the property with the animals 24 hours a day.  All our volunteers have been working with animals for years, and are very knowledgeable in the care they need to stay happy, healthy, and much loved.  Local vets and mobile vets will be hired for their medical needs.  Friends of A.A.P.A. who would like to volunteer on a weekly or monthly basis will also be greatly welcomed.

Please help us make our dreams come true for the animals in desperate need of a wonderful home.  You can be of great help to A.A.P.A. by coping or printing this “current projects” letter and giving a copy to everyone you know as every dollar contributed helps.  Please send your donations to the Huntington Beach address shown in the heading of this letter.  Remember all donations are tax deductible.

 Thank you on behalf of the animals!  

1 Animal Abuse Prevention Agency is a non-profit organization.  Donations are tax deductible as defined under section 501c3  of the Internal Revenue Code.   We depend on the financial aid of caring people and the help of volunteers to continue our mission of preventing cruelty to animals

Boeing Cats

 Animal Abuse Prevention Agency is working hand in hand with the employees of the Boeing Company to save homeless cats.  For the past two years AAPA has housed nearly 100 cats that the Boeing employees dedicated their time to trap.  These cats have been living and multiplying on the Boeing property for several years. 

 To our surprise, there has been a larger number than anticipated that are not feral, but in fact, are shy, sweet and tame.  Some animal advocate groups have been arguing (sometimes in a threatening manner) to re-release these animals after they have been spayed or neutered.  They recently told Boeing employees they wanted the cats re-released in a park in San Pedro.  However, to the city council and community this act is not acceptable due to the potential health hazards including the contamination from bacteria in feces which carries into storm drains, creeks and finally the ocean in rainy weather.  Many car accidents are caused, or nearly caused, due to the swerving of cars in their attempt to avoid hitting stray animals.  Many animals, though, are indeed victims of moving cars, and die a slow, painful death.  Animals on the street are also victims of cruel people.  One such person wrote a letter to the Long Beach Press Telegram stating he opposed the re-releasing of the cats onto Boeing property, and if they were, he would take care of it his way.  He signed his letter “nighty-nite kitty”.

This is why Boeing employees insist on working with AAPA to reassure the safety of the cats.  Three of the Boeing employees have visited the rescued and cats and were pleased to see them doing so well.

The commercial side of the Boeing property is now cat free.  Thanks to trappers, George and Debbie C.,  and thanks to AAPA volunteers the animals are now safe, sheltered, medicated, fed, watered, and flea free.  It would have been a crime to re-release these cats to a fate unknown.  Many had severe upper respiratory infections, parasites, fleas, ear mites, wounds, eye and skin infections and a couple had urinary infections.  These health conditions are very uncomfortable, painful, and some fatal.  They would not have been treated if the cats had been re-released. 

The Boeing Company now needs our help with the military side of their property --- and we need your help.  On May 6th, 2003, the first cat was trapped on the military side.  AAPA picked her up on May 7th and we named her “Bella”.  She is a small young black and white female that was suffering from a slight case of upper respiratory infection, ear mites, parasites and fleas.  Although she is very shy of human hands, and cowers when trying to pet her --- she is all purrs and loves to knead her blanket, sleep, eat and sleep some more.  Cats that live outside usually sleep sitting up because they are always on alert, ready to jump and run from predators and potential danger.  After 48 hours with us, Bella, for the first time finally gets to sleep lying down, curled up in a ball, on a warm blanket, feeling content and secure.

The trapping is just beginning and we desperately need to raise funds to expand our room.  We always make sure all our animals, especially the cats, have plenty of space to eliminate any fighting.  We need a minimum of two million dollars to get us started.  We want to house the remaining homeless cats from Boeing’s property, as well as continue saving the many animals we rescue from horrible situations every day.  More animals are abandoned and given up than are being adopted.  Please help us give them a permanent home.

AAPA thanks you on behalf of “Bella” and her Boeing family!

Look us up at to view one of our smaller facilities now housing many animals that otherwise would have had a tragic ending.  We have a skilled staff of volunteers ready and willing to continue caring for our future rescues.  

Cats at the Sanctuary:

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